Are you a migrant victim of breach of trust, theft and you want to be restored your rights? but as a migrant you do not know where to go to file a complaint? This article will be of great help to you!

What is a breach of trust ?  

The breach of trust is the fact that a person embezzles, to the prejudice of another person, funds (money), values or any other property that has been given to him and that he has accepted with the effect of :

- To return it to him afterwards,

- To represent him (Example: to give the responsibility to someone to represent you or to negotiate something for you),

- Or to make a specific use of it (lend your motorcycle to someone to go to his house and come back, but the latter makes a motorcycle cab with it) 

What differentiates breach of trust from theft ?

Theft is the fact of fraudulently seizing something that belongs to someone else, whereas in the case of breach of trust the victim voluntarily hands over the thing to the other person.

How to file a complaint for breach of trust ?

Regarding the procedure to follow, you can go to the police station or to the gendarmerie or refer the matter to the public prosecutor.

  • When you go to the police station or to the gendarmerie, the officials have the obligation to register your complaint, which will then be transmitted to the public prosecutor who will decide on the action to be taken.
  • If you decide to refer the matter directly to the public prosecutor, you will have to provide a certain amount of information such as your complete civil status, a summary of the facts, the identity of the perpetrator if you know it, an estimate of the damage, etc.

NB: It is important to specify that there can be no breach of trust between ascendant and descendant (father and son, daughters; mother and daughter, son etc.), as well as between spouses (husband and wife).

Repression of breach of trust

  • Anyone who fraudulently misappropriates or dissipates a tangible object or intangible value, which has been voluntarily given to him in any capacity whatsoever, on the condition that he returns it or uses it for a specific purpose, will be punished by a prison sentence of two (2) months to two (2) years and a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 francs (article 338 of the Nigerien Penal Code)

NB: the penalty may be increased depending on the relationship of the perpetrator to the victim (e.g., as an employee of the company that embezzles a fund intended for a specific activity). Certain circumstances can aggravate the sentence.    

Geographical location of the police station, gendarmerie, and court in Agadez and Arlit in addition to the position by GPS on the website in the category "Service"

In Agadez:

Police station in Agadez is located: in the Amarawat district, next to CEG 1

Opening hours: 8am-12pm and 3pm-6pm with a duty shift at night in case of emergency

Gendarmerie in Agadez is located: in the Missarata district not far from the Azawad gas station

Opening hours: 8am-12pm and 3pm-6pm


Police station in Arlit is located: in the Tamesna district, between the city hall and the prefecture.

Opening hours: 8am-12pm and 3pm-6pm with a duty shift at night in case of emergency

Contact : 96 62 32 56 / 85 62 62 02

Gendarmerie in Arlit  is located:

Opening hours: 8am-12pm and 3pm-6pm

Contact: CB- Arlit: 90 27 78 54 / 96 55 00 25