You are looking for the vaccine against COVID-19 but you do not know which health centers you are going to? Are you wondering whether migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers can also have access to this vaccination?

In this article you will find all the information related to the vaccination against COVID-19 in Agadez as in Arlit.


In the fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease, Niger like other countries in the world has developed a vaccination strategy whose launch of the first vaccination campaign against COVID-19 began in March 2021.

Currently, the Aztra Zeneca and Sinopharm vaccines are available and free of charge in all integrated health centers and health districts in the municipalities of Agadez and Arlit.

Where can I get vaccinated against Covid-19 in Agadez and Arlit? 

Some vaccination centers in Agadez

CSI Centre: this is one of the oldest health centres in Agadez located in the old town opposite the CISP office (project that works for the conservation of the old city, UNESCO heritage).

CSI Toudou: it is located in the Toudou district, the first left turn after the Private Institute of Public Health Mamar (IPSP) about 200 meters away.

If necessary, you can call this number:  90 52 63 34

CSI Sabon Gari:  this vaccination site is located in the Sabon Gari district east of the Tadek Private School Complex.

Focal point : 96 04 63 80/ 92 58 03 77


Vaccination centers in Arlit

Arlit Sanitary District: located in the Tamisna district

CSI Boukouki 1: 


         What days and times are vaccination sites open?

From Monday to Friday you can receive vaccination against the COVID-19 at the various integrated health centers open from 8am until 12am.

It is also possible that these vaccination sites will open on weekends or at different times than those listed below.

                    Who can access this vaccination?

Persons between the ages of 18 and over, whether indigenous, migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker or internally displaced.

Why get vaccinated against Covid-19?  

Getting vaccinated is necessary to protect yourself, but also to protect the most vulnerable people to whom the disease could be transmitted.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is recommended by all health authorities and beyond by the government. Moreover,  the Government of Niger is in the process of making the vaccination card compulsory as a   health pass to access certain public services such as the  Ministry of Justice, Agriculture  and Social Affairs.

This binding measure taken at the Council of Ministers on 10 June 2021 may be extended to other public buildings in the coming months.

Are there any side effects after vaccination?

The Covid-19 vaccine is administered in two doses, the second of which will be administered 4 weeks later for the Sinopharm vaccine, 8 to 12 weeks for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Both vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).


It is possible to observe side effects of this vaccine, the most frequent are mild and of short duration.

Redness, swelling, hardening or pain at the injection site, the side effects are mild in the vast majority of cases and disappear spontaneously within a few days. These reactions usually appear within hours of administration and heal quickly.

So-called general reactions can also occur. They can manifest as fever, malaise, muscle aches or headaches.


In case of adverse events after vaccination, you can call the numbers 96 96 62 95 or 96 92 79 92 or simply go to the selected vaccination sites. 


For more information, you can visit the website of the Ministry of Public Health, the Population and Social Affairs, the  the WHO