Congratulation on the birth of your child!

In this article we will go through the official steps to follow to obtain a birth certificate in Niger. This document is one of the most important documents, if not the most important, in a person's life. It is the document that identifies your child by his legal name,  it will serve as a basis to confirm his identity and will allow him to take full advantage of  his  rights.

What is a birth certificate extract?

A birth certificate is an authentic legal document attesting to the birth of a legal personality  (holder of his rights and duties). A copy of this document is often required during certain administrative procedures, such as  civil marriage or the establishment of the  passport. A birth certificate protects against forced marriage and trafficking. It gives the right to education and social security.

How do I get the birth certificate for my child?

If you are in Niger at the time of the birth of your child, it is important to be aware of the procedure to follow to have a birth certificate. The absence of this certificate causes a lot of inconvenience when it comes to drawing up an identity document, registering the child for school, etc.

In such a situation, Nigerien law provides for a number of procedures for the issuance of a birth certificate:                                                                                                                                             

  • If the child is born in a maternity ward, midwives are obliged to register the birth in a book known as the "birth pane". Once the birth is registered, the newborn's parents are given one week to remove the child's birth voucher.
  • However, if a birth occurs outside a medical institution (e.g., at home), the newborn cannot obtain a birth certificate since his birth has not been ascertained by any medical service. However, the child's parents have a period of one week to ten days in which to register the Once this period has expired, the child's parents must go to the court for the declaration of the birth by applying for an “extract of a suppletive judgment" in lieu of a birth certificate. However, obtaining this document requires the presence of two persons who can testify the accuracy of the information related to the birth (date of birth of the child, place of birth or identity of the parents).
  • The child's parents must also provide their identity documents, which will be used to establish the birth certificate.

Is this procedure the same for migrants and asylum seekers?  

The birth procedure for obtaining the birth certificate is almost the same everywhere in the country.

For cases of birth at the maternity and the declaration within the deadline at the maternity :

  • When the mother and father are present at the time of delivery at the maternity ward, their physical presence is sufficient to give information on their identities in order to draw up the birth certificate.
  • When the mother who gives birth is not accompanied by her husband, she must present an identity document from the husband so that the father's information can be provided. This is done to really ensure the paternity of the father.

For cases where the legal deadline for declaring a birth has passed and a judgment must be made in court : 

  • The physical presence of the father and mother as well as 2 witnesses to the judgment are sufficient for the establishment of the suppletive judgment
  • In case one of the parent is not present, it is necessary to present one of his civil status documents (birth certificate, identity card, pass port ..) which will allow to inform the party concerning him.

For the one who is in Agadez :

  • The court is located in the Jeune Cadre district between the governorate, the regional council and the CEG1 Maimanga
  • Deposit: to the judge in charge of Civil and Customary Affairs
  • Procedure: an application for a declaratory judgment of birth must be submitted, usually to be written immediately and deposited on the spot.
  • Schedule 8am-12am – 3pm-6pm

For the one who is in Arlit :

  • The court is located at Carré SNTN in front of Rimbo station
  • Schedule 8am-12am – 3pm-6pm

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